Ôîòî âûñîêèå êàáëóêè

Ôîòî âûñîêèå êàáëóêè @ 09-12-2010 00:29:02 Ôîòî âûñîêèå êàáëóêè @ 16-12-2007 01:46:31

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Åâãåíèé @ 2009/05/5 (2:0)
âûñîêèå êàáëóêè ýòî êëàññíî

Karess @ 2016/04/27 (8:24)
Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the mirror I’ve been looking into for myself. I’ve been fluent in a&6;Christi2nese1#8217; for so long that I hardly remembered how to be me. And Jesus is simply asking ‘me’ to follow ‘Him’ and let Him display Himself through me. Your blog reminded me of this. May God grant me… all of us… grace to walk in this. Thanks for helping me see this more clearly.