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Фото эмо боев @ 31-08-2009 22:36:54
Фото эмо боев @ 31-08-2009 22:36:54
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DarkBlayDer @ 2009/09/10 (18:37)
469660907 :P пишите девушки:-\

катя @ 2009/09/23 (15:46)
вы лохи!!!

эмо-тима @ 2009/09/23 (19:10)
я тимка эмо бой

FuS @ 2010/01/10 (1:50)
тощий, ппц О_О

Ashley @ 2010/03/30 (7:26)
хм..ну в очередной раз скажу, что чертовски люблю этого засранца))

ляня @ 2011/04/10 (1:31)
я живу ради эмо боев люлю скейты рок кеды рафатки и если вы сидите в аське добавьте меня эмо я вас люлю и не представляю без вас жизни добавляйтесь 135910351

Angel @ 2012/06/29 (16:4)
Кто он?

Daniel @ 2013/03/23 (23:57)
Gee wlilkires, that's such a great post!

Micheal @ 2016/04/27 (2:37)
You have to come by and read my blog. I take a systems view of things — politics, ecnismoco, society, etc. Bottom-up, not top-down. Or, to be more accurate, bottom-up must precede and take precedence over top-down, and must always act as the foundation of the system.

Alexandra @ 2016/04/28 (16:51)
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Prudence @ 2016/04/28 (22:53)
Slight effects, marginal correlation rates, without boundary conditions and magnitudes in practice situations where all things are never equal (self selection abounds, status denigration abounds, JSBrown’s serendipities abound, etc.) mean nothing in usual social science and mean nothing in these eLearning versus Colleges studies. Yet it is good to get “news” on how each badly designed and terribly reported study is #02;done&28281;. Nice to know professors are not competent at research, reporting, and eTeaching.

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