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Осмотр гинеколога фото

Осмотр гинеколога фото @ 13-07-2007 23:00:52 Осмотр гинеколога фото @ 13-07-2007 23:00:48 Осмотр гинеколога фото @ 13-07-2007 23:00:38

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енка @ 2007/07/14 (2:33)

Loradae @ 2016/04/27 (0:35)
Helen Thomas My friend can no longer see the photos posted on her business page by others (videos are fine). This has been the case for over a month now and we don’t seem to be able to find a way to fix the issue. Other people can see her photos (I can from my account) she just can’t see them herself.I can only assume she’s inreadvtently changed her settings. Can you offer some advice?

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