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Фото хиллари дафф

Фото хиллари дафф @ 08-03-2009 00:41:20 Фото хиллари дафф @ 20-09-2008 17:48:02

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Алёнка @ 2007/11/21 (3:9)
Фотки Хилари просто супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geralynn @ 2016/04/27 (7:31)
Floyd knows what he's doing. He enjoys being hated. It's the only way he can build up his confidence in the ring. He doesn't want to be loved and admired in the way De la Hoya or Arturo Gatti were. That would mean people have would have too many extcnpatioes of him. Sounds too much like role model figure. He wouldn't want that. That would mean he'd have to act like a model citizen.

Aslan @ 2016/04/28 (17:14)
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